Fitted Kitchens Eastbourne



If you enjoy cooking and good food, we don’t need to tell you the value of a good kitchen! A well thought out kitchen design can transform your time preparing meals from miserable drudgery to an everyday culinary adventure. We hear comments so many times like “I can’t believe what a difference it’s made!” and “…the kitchen has become the centre of our home instead of a place we avoided.”

  • Like every other way of transforming your home, a kitchen needs first-class planning. Think carefully about that invisible path from cooker to fridge to sink to cutting and preparation surface. You’ll want all the cupboards holding regulary-used ingredients facing you and easy to reach. And if you have tall ceilings (as many properties in the Georgian towns of the south of England do), then don’t be afraid to have additional rows of storage above the eye-level cupboards to hold stuff you don’t need very often.
  • Buy the biggest and best oven and hob you can afford. You’ll never regret it.
  • A good kitchen can add value to your home far beyond its price. Young professional couples in particular look for smart, well-co-ordinated kitchens, because they do a lot of entertaining.



Fitted kitchen prices start at around £2,000 + VAT, but every job is quoted individually following consultation with you about your specific requirements.