Bathrooms and Bathroom fitting in Eastbourne



  • A new bathroom is something most people aspire to. It is one area of the home in which we spend private time, away from the hassle and the stress of the outside world. So the more special we can make that space, the more luxurious it will seem and the more pampered we will feel.
  • A new bathroom need not cost a fortune. Even items that seem luxurious, like a spa or jacuzzi bath, have become much more affordable in recent years.




  • A bathroom is an area that you should design to suit your lifestyle. There are some lovely baths you can choose from, but if you’re a busy or sporty person, you might prefer to invest your money in a wonderful power shower: there’s nothing quite like it to wake you up in the morning or massage those aching muscles.There is a vast range of wonderful tiling and panelling to choose from nowadays, so if you want your bathroom to remind you of your holidays in Spain or an elegant Venetian hotel, we can help you achieve it!




  • Don’t forget that if you’re planning to sell your property, a classic white bathroom suite seems to be preferred by every buyer we’ve ever met (and those TV makeover shows advise this as well). A white suite and pale colour scheme also helps a small bathroom seem bigger. Dark colours make the room seem smaller.