Hello I am Robert Thorley senior partner of Frenchand Thorley Ltd.


I am proud to say I was at the the helm of the launch of thr flagship pf this construction company alongside my son in law Grant and my Daughter Tracey (company secretary)

A company built on intergrity and over seventy years experience in the industry.For the past decade we have steered this company built of british steel and craftsmanship through financial stormy waters due to the world recession , an attitude built on moral principles of putting the customer first before ourselves with quality and fair trading .

Having seen many other companies flounder and disappear due to morals of “do as little as possible for the most you can get !”

We have stuck ridgely to our belief system to serve all our clintelle with good old fashion family attitude of to respect and honour to full fill our commitment to see each project completed with an excellence and good after sales care.

These princlples have establish us as a company respected and well spoken of throughout the construction industry

To step up and now as overseer of the company and release the steering of the bussineess to my son in law Grant and daughter Tracey to take us forward into a new decade gives me immense pleasure and joy , knowing the legacy built for a future generation to keep French and Thorley Ltd in the premiership of the construction industry makes me very proud indeed

“Having spent my whole life in the construction industry and many tale of misery and despair.To establish a company giving peace of mind to all our clients is I believe a god given gift !”